Graham's Blend No.5 White Port

  • A very unique leve seco White Port, only launched in 2019, the Limited Edition Graham’s Blend No 5 White Port is made from two premium Portuguese grape varieties – Malvasia Fina and Moscatel Gallego. It was created to the many consumers who don’t currently drink Port on a regular basis. Hand-picked and cold fermented in small batches, it is bottled 3 months after harvest to preserve maximum freshness and should be drunk young.

    Medium dry with a light floral finish with a touch of honey and citrus. Perfect for mixing or as an excellent stand-alone drink. Serve Graham’s Blend No 5 White Port chilled over ice or with tonic or fizzy water if you prefer. Add a slice of lemon, orange, or – for the non-conformist – a wedge of pink grapefruit, and maybe a sprig of mint. In seconds your senses will place you in a bar overlooking the Douro river on a hot September evening.

    Due to Graham’s Blend No.5’s micro production (less than 6000 bottles), and the popularity of premium port in the UK, Blend No 5 is only currently available to the UK market.